የአምስት ዓመቱ የእድገትና ትራንስፎርሜሽን እቅድ – ጤና [Five years Growth and Transformation Programme – Health]

In a recent interview with Ethiopian Television (ETV) UNICEF Ethiopia’s Health Specialist, Dr. Tedbabe Degefie said “There are 38 thousand Health extension workers in 15 thousand health posts around Ethiopia. They play a main role in achieving the countries goals by delivering service house to house and creating trust in the community.”

The programme which focused on Ethiopia’s Growth and Transformation Programme (GTP) also talks to Dr. Peter Salama – UNICEF Representative to Ethiopia, who said “Ethiopia is one of the first countries to fully incorporate and integrate the global millennium development goals (MDGs) to its Growth and Transformation Programme, putting the country in a good position to fulfill the MDGs.”

See below the health part extracted from the full five years Growth and Transformation Programme in Amharic

To see the full programme on Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency – ERTA website click here.

Story on Ethiopia meets MDG 4 by cutting Under 5 mortality By Two-Thirds Since 1990.


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