Ethiopian Centre for Child Research

The Ethiopian Development Research Institute (EDRI) has established the Ethiopian Centre for Child Research (ECCR) in partnership with UNICEF Ethiopia and Addis Ababa University. The ECCR is inspired by the collaborative work of EDRI and Young Lives Longitudinal Research in Ethiopia as well as the Child Research and Practice Forum, which was also initiated by EDRI, Young Lives and other partners.

Located within the EDRI, ECCR is coordinated by a small team and overseen by a multi-stakeholder advisory board which includes: Addis Ababa University, Central Statistical Agency, EDRI, Education Strategy Centre, Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Planning Commission, UNICEF and Young Lives Project.

The mission of the ECCR is to generate multidisciplinary child-focused research and evidence on policy and practice to inform decision and enhance programmatic capacity concerning the development, equity, wellbeing and protection for children in Ethiopia.

 Current Research Activities 

With funding from UNICEF Ethiopia, ECCR and UNICEF jointly presented the main findings from the Chronic Poverty Report at the ‘Child Poverty Conference in the Middle East and North Africa’ in Morocco on 15-17 May, 2017.

The ECCR is currently establishing partnerships and research collaborations with potential researchers and research institutes nationally and globally with initial funding support from UNICEF Ethiopia. The ECCR conducts fundraising activities to ensure the continuous functioning of the centre.

UNICEF Ethiopia has been instrumental in the establishment of the ECCR by providing start-up funding, in addition to undertaking child-focused collaborative research. While the UNICEF-EDRI partnership is expected to continue, ECCR plans to expand its scope of activities and is looking for potential funders in specific areas of child research.



2 thoughts on “Ethiopian Centre for Child Research”

  1. Oh I wonder about such innovative approach towards lasting result to Children in Ethiopia. To me, such joint enthusiasm will ensure sustainable development to the country as Children are future of our globe. Please try to endorse this endeavor across all Regions.

    keep it up !!
    Yoseph A.
    0918 76 31 41


  2. This is a golden opportunity for the researcher as well as for the country.
    I am interested to do with your organization.
    I am studying Nutrition and Food Science (MSc.) at wollega universit.
    I had finished the theory part and written a proposal on children under five years around the university.
    If you are volentary to work with me, I will provide all the necessary documents for your organization.
    Let do together to raise hands of children that are forgetten!
    You can communicate with me through my e.mail address.
    Thank you in advance
    Tamene Daba from wollega universit, Oromia, Ethiopia


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