Invitation: Get-together Media and UNICEF

The Media and External Relations section of UNICEF Ethiopia had very much enjoyed its first get together last January with the media. We would like to build on the momentum and keep on engaging with the media society to discuss current issues affecting children and women of Ethiopia. Therefore, we would like to invite you to the upcoming get together at the Kabana Restaurant on Monday 14 April 2014 at 3:00pm.

On the hot plate is what the media can contribute to end child marriage in Ethiopia.

RSVP to +251 935 98 62 55


If you want to know more about UNICEF please visit our website

Here is a blog about the first get-together 

Directions to Kabana Restaurant:  10th floor Enat Tower (in front of Yordanos Hotel on Kasanchis –Bambis road)

See you!

UNICEF’s Coffee – Croissant with the Media

By Frehiwot Yilma

Frehiwot Yilma introduces UNICEF Ethiopia Media and External Relations team core activities

ADDIS ABABA, 16 January 2014 Today, UNICEF’s Media and External Relations Section has organised the first quarterly media get-together to interact with local and international media. A total of 20 media partners attended this first informal meeting.

Since its establishment 1952, UNICEF Ethiopia has maintained good relations with Government, bilateral donors, development partners and civil society, including media in Ethiopia. Its capacity to ensure that development work straddles at the national and community levels makes UNICEF, a unique partner among development agencies and resourceful agency for the media.

Wossen Mulatu of UNICEF Ethiopia engages with Melkeas Adugna from New Business EthiopiaHow can UNICEF support the media? Our UNICEF Ethiopia website has many different resources, including: publications, photos, press releases speeches, contact information, guidelines and other information useful for the media. In addition, we are present in many social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedInYouTube, Flicker and Delicious,

In addition the Media and External Relations Section facilitates individual interviews with specialists and experts on different programmes in different languages including: English, French, Arabic, German, Swahili, Dutch, Italian and many Ethiopian local languages. We also organize media round tables with senior staff and programme specialist and respective government officials and partners on different topics affecting women and children.

Regular media field visits will continue to be organized to visit UNICEF supported project site in Addis Ababa as well as in the regions.  Furthermore, media training opportunities for Addis based and regional based media will be intensified in 2014.

While the group was enjoying drinks and snacks, a discussion took place with regard possibly organising a media debate on development issues and how agencies like UNICEF can help journalists and media in general to draw their attention from reporting war and ‘blood’ to ensure a more balanced coverage and positive reporting on and developmental issues such as health, nutrition and other interventions that save thousands of lives.

From left Melkeas Adugna of New Business Ethiopia, Oliad Woji of Fana Broadcasting and Frehiwot Yilma of UNICEF Ethiopia,The UNICEF media section asked the media to provide suggestions and feedback on how best to ensure real partnership and collaboration in 2014 and beyond. If you were not able to attend, please do let us know in person, by email or phone.

We wish to thank those who were able to join us yesterday and we are looking forward to our continuous collaboration in 2014. Please send your comments and suggestion to:

Alexandra Westerbeek- Email Awesterbeek[at] Tel +251 115 184 039 Mobile +251 911 255 109

Frehiwot Yilma E-mail Fyilma[at] Tel +251 15 184 065 Mobile +251 935 986 255

Zerihun Sewunet Email Zsewunet[at] Tel + 251 115 184 162 Mobile +251 922 727 711

Wossen Mulatu Email Wmulatu[at] Tel +251 115 184 028 Mobile + 251 911 308 483

Demissew Bizuwork Email Dbizuwork[at] Tel +251 115 184 042 Mobile +251 936 635 414

Guenet Girma Email Ggirma[at] Tel +251 115 184 047 Mobile + 251 910 833 710