Commiting to Children is Commiting to The Future – Angélique Kidjo

While visiting UNICEF Ethiopia in November, Angélique Kidjo UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador,  asked the public to join her and UNICEF and commit to ensure that children have adequate food, shelter and clean water; every boy and girl has access to education and primary health care and  protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation.

She said: Committing to children, is committing to the Future!


Sport has great appeal to young people, who are particularly at risk of HIV infection, and can be an avenue to convey life-saving messages. Sport leagues and matches bring communities together, providing an ideal space for AIDS awareness campaigns on prevention reaching large numbers of people.

Federal Ministry of Health, UNAIDS and UNICEF have developed a Public Service Announcement (PSA) featuring the Ethiopian National Team. The video which conveys the message “ Protect the Goal: NO CHILD SHOULD BE BORN WITH HIV/AIDS” has been aired on Ethiopian National Television (ETV). Waliya’s captain Degu Debeb in the PSA calls on every one “to play a role that no child should be born with HIV/AIDS”.