UNICEF Ethiopia wishes a joyful, peaceful and charitable holiday!

Season’s greetings from Acting UNICEF Representative to Ethiopia Patrizia Di Giovanni.

Read her full message below.

 UNICEF wishes a joyful, peaceful and charitable holiday season! 

At this time of year, let us not forget the children who are in desperate need for food, shelter, and other basic necessities; boys and girls, who are not able to attend school, whatever the reason may be; children, who have been neglected, discriminated, orphaned, abused and violated of their rights.

Let us reach out to them and give a helping hand- it does not have to be something big or we do not have to go far- we can start with our families and neighbours.

A small gesture can make a huge impact on someone’s life.

Let’s open our hearts and our homes to those that are vulnerable and in need of support, wherever they are.

Happy Holidays!

‘Melkam Ye’gena Beal!’